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Dear Friends,

I am sorry if you get disappointed over undelivered orders or (wrong) replacements for your orders.  Our desired outcome is to deliver the produce on the day you expect to eat them.   Please bear with us as we find ways to ensure that we have items that you need and ensure you are happy and delighted about what you buy from us.


Can I take you through our small operations so you get an understanding of how things work?

  • We do not source our produce from a food conglomerate with sophisticated conveyor belt operations that churn out huge quantities of items for supermarket aisles week after week.  At TheVillageGreenShop, the growing and raising of veg and livestock are not manipulated but rather we leave them to nature to take its course. Compare our items with conventionally grown produce-  our organic brown mountain rice for example is produced and harvested 2x a year only. Free range chickens take about 3 months or more while the broilers in the supermarket can get to your table in 45 days! And cows nowadays won’t see a blade of grass in 6 or 11 months let alone (GMO) corn or soybean feed!  Food corporations inject chemicals to be able to milk gallons and gallons of milk off cows laden with hormones and antibiotics plus added sugar, etc. and sell to you cheap that makes this generation obese! Indeed, time has intrinsic value: MONEY. For that reason I founded TheVillageGreenShop because I want to eat real living foods and share them with you. The soul-satisfying flavour you get from each of the items you buy from us is gift of Mother Nature for respecting the natural growth processes of vegetables, fruits and animals.
  • We design our business model around social ethos such as:
    • Integrity of food as our priority –we only sell produce that contains zero pesticides, zero fungicides, zero GMO/soybeans in feeds, zero hormones and zero antibiotics. We are resolute in the hope that by underpinning our enterprise based on honesty we are able to sustain our operations.
    • We only bring local and seasonal organic produce to your table sourced from real farmers i.e. small holder local family farmers with no direct link to market and their route to get their items to your table is through TheVillageGreenShop.  We support especially women dairy, vegetable and poultry farmers whose family’s sustainability depends on the market we help create for them.
    • We are low carbon social business and advocate for farm to table produce hence we don’t keep inventories.  We don’t want you to buy a product with transport expense as a major cost of the product!   So we bundle them up with other items from the origin of the produce to get to your area, and encourage you to buy collaboratively and subscribe.
    • TheVillageGreenShop ensures that our network of farmers share in the wealth they create by paying them a moral price i.e. we pay cash and we don’t pay cheap or haggle for a bargain instead we add more to it by helping build human capability resources and supporting their training on organic farming, food sustainability and caring for the earth in order for them to continue growing those crisp lettuces, juicy plump tomatoes, and give us those veggie-deliciousness and meat freshness and diversity in our food choices.

Although we have an inventory list of extensive meat cuts, bottle products, assortment of salad greens and veggies but please expect that it may be available or not so we should be open for wider options.

Many thanks for for supporting local and seasonal products!

Cheers to your health,


 Carmela Z

0927 675 5199


Author: The VillageGreenShop

The VillageGreenShop is a low carbon food social enterprise that champions local and organically grown fruits, veggies and herbs including stringently selected grass-fed and free-range meat, cheese and dairy products sourced directly from indigenous community supported farms and farmers co-op. We, at The VillageGreen Shop, sell only what we eat according to our strict criteria of NO PESTICIDES, FUNGICIDE, NO GMO, and NO HORMONE and ANTIBIOTICS.

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