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What’s on offer in the mercadillo de comida?

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We are going to kick start the  “-ber” months merrily by showcasing in the mercadillo what we’ve found from our recent sourcing trip.

Join us as we celebrate abundance of local greens and native veg (yes in spite of flooding and rain), and the best produce from each region in the country!  Have you ever heard of Kalinga Unoy rice? A native told me that unoy means good for you.  Literally it is! This is a special rice variety that was elevated in the Ark of Taste.*  Grows in Kalinga  and harvested once a year!  Excited to bring this to you!   Have you tried Bignay local wine and honey wine? We’ve got this as well and a range of roasted beans: black, green, white and crushed beans of assorted colours… and many more. Really interesting finds!

Please book this in your calendar!

15th of September 2013

9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Lexington Garden Village, San Joaquin Pasig City

RSVP is encouraged for hassle free entry. Thanks!


  • From Makati Ayala head towards BGC,  take Buting/Pateros and drive straight until you reach Mc Donalds. Lexington is 200 meters ahead.
  • If you’re coming from Buendia take JP Rizal and turn left at the intersection.
  • From Quezon City, take C5 and drive through Bagong Ilog. Turn left at the intersection.
  • Lost? Contact us at 0927 675 5199

What can you expect in the mercadillo on the 15th September?

  • TheVillageGreenShop market stand will be fully stocked with our sustainably grown and organically managed salad greens, native and specialty vegetables, fruits, pasture-raised and grass-fed meats, and dairy including wine, honey, natural bottled items and great new stuff.  True to our social ethos of zero food waste and zero inventory we are sending out a complete list of produce on offer on the 1st of September so you can pre-order for pick up on the 15th September. We will allow extra kilos for others to try. Due to the perishable nature of our items – first come, first serve only. Please check out the list from time to time at
  • We are going to showcase sample healthy sustainable gift bags for Christmas, corporate and various occasions. It’s is a thoughtful and memorable gift you can give.
  • 15th September is also a meet-and-greet day with our subscribers, supporters and friends and a subscription sign-up day for our new ones! We are looking forward to seeing you there!
  • We are going to fund raise by pulling out the best item we’ve found from our sourcing trip! We are making champorado made from the best variety rice, kalinga Unoy chocolate rice. No chocolate added, just a bit of muscovado and carabao’s milk. How did that happen? Check it out. Satisfaction guaranteed. 100% of the proceeds are to be donated in the construction of San Guillermo Church.
  • TheVillageGreenShop supports local community livelihood projects and social enterprises. In doing so we are hoping to contribute to safety and liveability of our community. We are excited to show their works during the market day like the fabulous bead bags created by women prisoners in Muntinlupa.  We’ll show a photo of those soon! And also lovely quality made throw pillows and curtains, seat covers made by people who are so keen to put their feet on the ladder out of poverty. This social enterprise does home service and specializes in custom-made bed linens, throw pillows, etc. Wouldn’t it be great to buy from them? Check the quality out on the 15th September.  For Christmas home makeover, early booking is advised.
  •  Sunday is family and church day and often a day off day of our lovely angels at home. After the church just follow the aroma because we are giving away free coffee and tea sandwiches after the mass!
  • We are offering Mexican food – check out the cantina favourites of tacos, burritos and tortillas using our local and organic produce from the farm.  We’ll send out the details soon.  RSVP and pre-order encouraged.

So please join us for tea, coffee and salsa and lounge by the clubhouse or poolside.

For questions and enquiries, contact us at

0927 675 5199/

Many thanks.


  • TheVillageGreenShop Team
  • 0927 675 5199/

*The Ark of Taste travels the world collecting small-scale quality productions that belong to the cultures, history and traditions of the entire planet: an extraordinary heritage of fruits, vegetables, animal breeds, cheeses, breads, sweets and cured meats…

The Ark was created to point out the existence of these products, draw attention to the risk of their extinction within a few generations, invite everyone to take action to help protect them. In some cases this might be by buying and consuming them, in some by telling their story and supporting their producers, and in others, such as the case of endangered wild species, this might mean eating less or none of them in order to preserve them and favor their reproduction.


Author: The VillageGreenShop

The VillageGreenShop is a low carbon food social enterprise that champions local and organically grown fruits, veggies and herbs including stringently selected grass-fed and free-range meat, cheese and dairy products sourced directly from indigenous community supported farms and farmers co-op. We, at The VillageGreen Shop, sell only what we eat according to our strict criteria of NO PESTICIDES, FUNGICIDE, NO GMO, and NO HORMONE and ANTIBIOTICS.

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