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Why brown rice is excellent for your body?

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Brown Mountain Rice

Brown Mountain Rice


Black Mountain Rice

Black Mountain Rice


Kalinga Unoy Choco Rice and Kalinga Unoy Blend Rice

Kalinga Unoy Choco Rice and Kalinga Unoy Blend Rice


Rice is whole grain that is powerhouse of selenium, manganese, naturally occurring oils, and promotes weight loss. It  is also great antioxidant; contains very high in fibre, and is a slow-release sugar. On the other hand, white rice offers risk in contracting diabetes as it increases blood sugar rapidly. It also has very low dietary fibre but high carbohydrates and calories. Medical experts at the Harvard School of Public Health recently found that eating five servings per week of white rice increased the risk of diabetes. 

There is a global call for brown rice because development aid agencies saw the nutritional deficiency of white rice consumption in poorer or developing countries which creates further risks and challenges in economic development if its population is at risk of diabetes.





Author: The VillageGreenShop

The VillageGreenShop is a low carbon food social enterprise that champions local and organically grown fruits, veggies and herbs including stringently selected grass-fed and free-range meat, cheese and dairy products sourced directly from indigenous community supported farms and farmers co-op. We, at The VillageGreen Shop, sell only what we eat according to our strict criteria of NO PESTICIDES, FUNGICIDE, NO GMO, and NO HORMONE and ANTIBIOTICS.

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