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About The VillageGreenShop

carrots, limes & zucchini

The Village Green Shop is a committed low carbon food social enterprise that brings you quality food you can trust. We are passionate in bringing you soul-satisfying experience, vibrancy and fullness of flavour and richness in nutrition that is possible only when you put love and care and bio-dynamic* farming practices in growing and raising vegetables and livestock.

No Campaign in jute sack

The Village Green Shop was created to respond to the challenge of toxicity in food, food waste, unsustainable consumption and bring you directly sourced and ethically produced local and seasonal vegetables, salad greens, herbs, and meat including dairy products stringently selected according to our strict criteria of NO PESTICIDES, NO FUNGICIDES, NO GMO IN FEEDS, and NO HORMONES AND NO ANTIBIOTICS in food. We don’t want to compromise your health and the health of our planet.

What we care about

  • For many of us, we simply are not aware of the impact of eating out-of -season fruits or veggies or that our favourite fruit was forced to mature using harmful carcinogenic chemicals or the meat we eat is boosted of hormones and antibiotics.  Can you imagine what those chemicals and processes do to our body and to our planet?
  • Did you know that if you buy produce in a supermarket you’ll find that transportation is most of the cost? Are you aware that some supermarket sourcing or buying mal-practices are paid for by consumers? Sadly, unbeknownst to us, they do get incentivised to do it! Why is it alright to bin off say excess or unsold salad greens week on week off a supermarket shelf if this is charged to poor consumers.
  • Millions of people die of malnutrition and yet mountains of food appallingly end up in our landfill.
  • Growth in population will come from developing countries therefore much of the demand for food will come from this region but urbanization is accelerating at rapid pace as reported by FAO.

What can we contribute

TheVillageGreenShop brings you healthy and bio-dynamically produced meat, dairy, and organic fruits, herbs and veggies to give you increased wellbeing; we also tell you where your food comes from and how it was produced.

The VillageGreenShop aims to reduce food miles by sourcing directly and locally and encouraging consumers to eat local and seasonal, buy collaboratively, and enables you to make the right and ethical choices in consumption.

TheVillageGreenShop aims to bring farming in every home and space in the city by regenerating derelict, unused and abandoned pockets of property and transforming them into green spaces or community allotment urban farms.

TheVillageGreenShop champions community development by providing access to skills and training in urban farming to youths not in education and employment. It opens the city for more innovation and keeps our community safer.

If you would like to know more about our products and our campaign, please call us at

0927 675 5199 /

TY for buying 12.03.2013

Stay Connected:

Twitter: @Foodyoucantrust



*Like organic farming, biodynamic farms stress biological methods in regard to humane treatment of animals,food quality and soil health (such as green manures, cover crops and composting). However, biodynamics takes it a bit further. In addition to organic biological practices, biodynamic practices also incorporate metaphysical aspects of farming. You read that correctly — metaphysical. Farmers who practice a biodynamic approach consider the life force of the farm. Think of it this way: Conventional farming is to biodynamic farming as conventional medicine is to homeopathic. Source: How Biodynamic Agriculture Works by Maria Trimarchi


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