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Basic Facts about the TheVillageGreenShop and What we believe

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  • All produce in our shop are uncertified ORGANIC. Some are certified and others are not so we label these produce as sustainably raised or grown (pending certification especially the produce grown and raised by small farmers) but nonetheless these are free of pesticides, fungicides, hormones, GMO in feeds, hormones and antibiotics.
  • Minimum order is P5, 000.00 for both individual and group-buy hence we encourage people to group buy and subscribe so we can be flexible about the minimum order and most especially so we can drop the price significantly.  However there are items that have marginal minimum order order like our weekly food basket of veg and salad greens which are sent to you weekly via SMS and email.
  • Why do we encourage people to group buy? Simply because an individual doesn’t make as much savings or impact as a community. As we are low carbon food distribution system we can reduce carbon emission together if by the same amount of fuel in transporting these items we deliver to as many people in one location each time! The savings we don’t keep but is passed on to you as discount according to volume/frequency of orders each community makes!
  • We operate via subscriptions to avoid any production and food wastage, ensure a stable price and delivered to your table fresh and vibrant straight from the farm. However we also have a TRY First Scheme.
  • Order and delivery schedules:  You can order anytime but ensure to take note of delivery schedules. Veg are delivered to us on Friday afternoon and meat and dairy and other food items on Friday or Saturday afternoon  so please place your order before those days before 11:00 am cutoff to ensure you can pick your items up by Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.
  • Payment is cash or cheque on delivery or direct debit for subscriptions if applicable.
  • What is the difference between low carbon food distribution system vs. traditional supermarket food shopping? Did you know that if you buy produce in a supermarket you’ll find that transportation is most of the cost? We champion #Low-Impact-Lifestyle by bringing you organic and seasonal produce only, encouraging you to buy locally and collaboratively while protecting your health and the health of our planet. TheVillageGreenShop challenges deeply entrenched habits to rethink our food shopping and eating choices and habits.
  • Our weekly basket of NATIVE & LOCAL VEGGIES are produced by women farmers, youth-farmers not in education and employment but trained in farming, smallholder farmers, farmers coop and community supported farms so each veg bag you buy enables them to provide education, health, improve their livelihood and prospects for the future.
  • All items in the food list are seasonal and local products so some items might not be available at the time of order, and due to heat and rain it affects harvest and price. (Probably you have the same questions as we do – how might we embed resilient systems in agriculture to create sustainability in production and therefore price?)
  • Why we exist? We are both a food social enterprise and a campaign platform. We are committed, ethical and passionate food social enterprise. Please read What we tackle at
  • We will bring you a much extensive list of food items in the near future. In the launch pad are coffee, mint vaporub, smoked milkfish (bangus), anchovies, vinegar, chutneys, jams and preserves.

If we whet your appetite to shift to eating real, living and healthy foods, and our social ethos appeal to you, simply contact us at the details below to TRY FIRST or LIKE TO SUBSCRIBE on a WEEKLY BASIS. If we don’t have what you need, will you please us know? Cheers!

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