The VillageGreenShop, your sustainable food enterprise

Food you can trust!

Placing an order

AppetiteforOrganicSchedule of placing an order and delivery service

Order not later than 12:00 nn

Pick up

Wednesday  Friday after 3 pm or anytime on Saturday


If the items are available we can deliver earlier than scheduled.

Order hotline

You may contact us the details below to place your order:

Order at 0927 675 5199/

Minimum order

Minimum order in an area is P5, 000.00 which could be from 1 individual or a community.

Community could be a group of homeowners at residential villages/condominium, or workmates at offices, friends at church, sports club, or simply amongst group of people who share our mission and passion of eating real healthy food while protecting the health of our planet.

Why do we encourage people to subscribe and buy as a community? Simply because an individual doesn’t make as much savings or impact as a community. As we are a low carbon food distribution system, we aim to reduce carbon emission with you if by the same amount of fuel in transporting these items we deliver to as many people in one location each time! The savings we don’t keep but is passed on to you as discount according to volume/frequency of orders each community makes!

As soon as you sign up we will let you know if we have an existing delivery in your community. If we do not yet deliver in your neighbourhood, we encourage you to sign up and or subscribe anyway and let your friends know about our organic delivery service.  Your community may be the next expansion for The VillageGreenShop

Payment. Cash or cheque on delivery or direct debit for subscriptions whichever is suitable.

Thank you for buying local, organic and ethically produced food from

The VillageGreenShop, your food social enterprise.


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