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What is Good Food



Healthy – Real and living food. No pesticides, no fungicides, no GMO, no hormones and no antibiotics.

Fair         – We share with the farmers the “wealth” they create by buying the produce cash and at a moral price.   We don’t haggle for a bargain.

Accessible & Affordable – Our local food drops and subscription and pre-order including the group-buy together model enable us to bring the price further down.  Watch out for green deal coupons which we are launching soon.  These are abundant local  seasonal organic items waiting to be snapped at a bargain!

Sustainable – from production to distribution we ensure that we reduce  cost and damage to the environment.






Adapted from the Michigan Good Food Charter




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Local Seasonal Food Bought Together

join handsTheVillageGreenShop was founded  based on group-buy, pre-order and subscription model which enable us to bring to your table fresh and affordable organic produce grown directly by community supported farms and family farmers, and picked to order for you.

We are taking our model to the next level by creating a wider distribution system where communities and local farmers come together to buy and sell local, seasonal and farm fresh sustainable produce .

Why are we doing this?  Because we would like to bring the price of organic produce further down, and the only way we can do this is to create an efficient food distribution system where more communities pre-order, subscribe and buy together on market days.  Simply, the more people buy together, the bigger the discount.  There is strength in numbers.

How it’s going to work?

You may sign up to either of the following as:

1) Local Drop

2) Susbcriber of organic produce

Local Drops  are passionate individuals, cafes, local stores or helpful neighbour who share with our mission to bring fresh healthy and sustainable food to their family, friends and communities which could be in offices, villages,  churches, schools, gym or practically any group who would like  to eat and buy together local, seasonal and organic produce. We will help set up the Local Food Drop in your area and organize your community to buy together local seasonal and sustainable produce.

The Organizers of the Local Food Drops enjoy discounts and other freebies.   Recently, a subscriber-friend of ours signed up to become a local food drop in her community in Quezon City and part of Greenhills.  So working together with our customers and subscribers who are as passionate as us is a brilliant way to increase our campaign, outreach and access of organic produce grown by local and community farmers.

Interested clients can buy directly to local food drops on a weekly basis.   Here’s how you can be part of a local food drop:

1) You can check with us if there is one in your community.  If there’s none, you may want to consider. Having joined your local Food Drop, you will let us know what you want to  try or subscribe from a selection of local seasonal and organic produce every week. Or you may respond to our weekly blast by pre-ordering on what’s on offer before cut-off.  You may check our Facebook page weekly.

2)  Your orders are picked and harvested to order by your local  farmers.

3) You pick up your order from the local Food Drop.

Sign up now and let us know.

Contact us at 0927 675 5199/








For enquiries please contact us at 0927 675 5199/

Many thanks. Cheers.


Mouth and body connection

Our passion for organic living has gone beyond the borders of our local community but far and wide as technology enables us to reach out to like-minded individuals and organizations who not only share our vision to promote sustainable lifestyle and passion for eating fresh, seasonal and organic food but allow us to discover other people’s world and learn from them too. The encouraging words of Dr Diane Meyer, a holistic dentist is more than a pat on our back (we are grateful for that!) as we got enlightened that good health starts from the mouth.

My nephew's closeup smile.

Amalgam free smile.

We wish there is someone like her in the Philippines that ensures that mouth and body connection is critical to our overall wellness.

We would like to share her site to everyone so you can find out more about your own overall wellness at


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TheVillageGreenShop is passionate about urban farming

Who might think that farming is not possible in a highly urbanised and congested city like Metro Manila let alone if you have little space or don’t have access to land for growing herbs and vegetables? But it is possible through hydroponic farming.

Hydroponic comes from a Greek word meaning water and sweat which simply means hardly any soil is needed to produce vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, cucumber. Most of all size and location of the property are immaterial because it can be designed into vertical farming or roof farming.

Recycled Styrofoam boxes

Recycled Styrofoam boxes

Sowing tray with 10 day old lettuce ready to be transplanted individually into cups. In the middle is irrigation

Sowing tray with 10 day old lettuce ready to be transplanted individually into cups. In the middle is irrigation

To be harvested in 3 weeks

To be harvested in 3 weeks

Take for example this urban allotment farm in Pasig City (lies east of Metro Manila), which uses hydroponic method for some of its lettuce, taps into the latent resources in that community – they transformed an abandoned property into an excellent regeneration project , involving youths not in education and employment by giving them a fresh start in life through urban farming. These kids learn new skills and appreciate resources around them and how to be productive – having a stake in the outcome of this community project gives them hope and confidence to take ownership of their own situation. So buying their produce enables them and their families to put their feet on the ladder of development, and our local community safer while you keep yourself and our planet healthy.

All their produce can be found at The VillageGreenShop, food social enterprise with strong social ethos, champions urban farming and eating local and seasonal and buying collaboratively, and campaigns against the use of pesticides, fungicides, hormones, GMO and antibiotic in food.

If you would like to know more about our community projects, get in touch with us at or call us at 0927 6755 199.