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Our Harvest Offering This Week
















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TheVillageGreenShop is more than just a food enterprise!

TVGS Social MapThe VillageGreenShop is both a food social enterprise and a campaign platform against zero pesticides, fungicides, GMO in feeds, hormones and antibiotics in food. We only bring  to your table food  you can trust! We are passionate advocate for low carbon/low impact lifestyle.Foodyoucantrust

We are more than just a food company.  We care about people and our environment.  Our superior quality products are carefully selected to make a difference to your health, lifestyle and our environment.

As a small start-up food company we have big goals.

The VillageGreenShop aims to reduce food miles by sourcing directly and locally and encouraging consumers to eat local and seasonal, buy collaboratively, and we enable you to make the right and ethical choices in consumption.

We champion grow your own veg and herbs. We aim to bring farming in every home and space in the city and regenerate derelict, unused and abandoned pockets of property and transform them into green spaces or community allotment urban farms. It opens the city for more innovation and keeps our community safer.

TheVillageGreenShop champions community development by providing access to skills and training to youths not in education and employment on urban farming. We can make a difference in the lives of people who would otherwise get trap into deeper cycles of crime and poverty.  So this is an inclusive means to an end in creating safer communities.


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New Products for the Week!

Try the fullness of flavour of our 72-hour stock! This is the best  and healthy substitute for Knorr cubes!

Available at 500 grams for intro price of P350.00!

Our butifarra sausages are nitrate free longanisa with a kick of mint flavour and a combination of herbs. All our meats and veg are biodynamic*

New Products for the Week

Order at

0927 675 5199 /

TY for buying 12.03.2013

*is an organic farming method that stresses the biological methods in regard to humane treatment of animals,food quality and soil health (such as green manures, cover crops and composting). However, biodynamics takes it a bit further. In addition to organic biological practices, biodynamic practices also incorporate metaphysical aspects of farming. You read that correctly — metaphysical. Farmers who practice a biodynamic approach consider the life force of the farm. Think of it this way: Conventional farming is to biodynamic farming as conventional medicine is to homeopathic. Source: How Biodynamic Agriculture Works by Maria Trimarchi

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Christmas Pre-Order

The VillageGreenShop brings you Pre-Order List to avoid Christmas rush.

Plan ahead by choosing healthy & organically grown produce this Christmas that guarantees soul satisfying taste, whether it be ordering our beef tenderloin, duck or lamb racks accompanied with some organic fresh greens or specialty vegetable.  Simply text or call us at 0926 739 4997 / 0906 245 7190 or email us at

We sell only what we eat according to our strict criteria of


Make eating fresh & organic food a habit as your start your 2013 on a healthy note!

French Beans Per half kilo 175.00
Japanese Cucumber Per half kilo 76.00
Lettuce-Romaine Per half kilo 175.00
Tom Yaw sprout 100 gram/pack 120.00
Zuchinni Per half kilo (available soon) 92.50
Regular Tomato Per half kilo 120.00
Flat leaf Italian parsley Per half kilo 340.00
Curly Parsley Per half kilo 175.00
Thyme Per 100 grams (available soon) 120.00
Okra Per half kilo (available soon) 54.00
Purple Basil Per half kilo 175.00
Spearmint Per 100 grams 48.50
Spring Free-range chicken (Dressed and Chopped) Per kilo (available soon) 472.00
Papaya Per kilo 120.00
Mixed lettuce (ready to eat) Per 250 grams 120.00
Free-range peking ducks Per kilo 505.00
Oyster Mushroom Per 100 grams 48.50
Lettuce-Green Ice Per half kilo 175.00
Lettuce-Red Sail Per half kilo 147.50
Lettuce-Lollo Rosa Per half kilo 175.00
Lettuce – Frillice (New) Per half kilo 175.00
Red Hot Pepper fresh Per half kilo 175.00
Red Hot Pepper dried Per half kilo 340.00
Alfalfa sprout Per 100g pack 120.00
Kaffir Lime Per leaf 17.00
Thai basil Per half kilo 175.00
Dill Per 100 grams 120.00
Sweet Basil Per half kilo 175.00
Ampalaya Per half kilo (available soon) 76.00
Lemon basil Per 100 grams 87.00
Tarragon Per half kilo 560.00
Red Cabbage Per kilo (available soon) 450.00
Free-range chicken (Dressed and Chopped) Per kilo (available soon) 285.00
Rabbit meat Per kilo 450.00
Organic Salted Egg Per pc 17.00
Italian Oregano Per 100 grams 65.00
Rosemary Per 100 grams 120.00
Sage Per 100 grams 120.00
Talbos Green 450 grams 55.00
Talbos Red 451 grams 55.00
Alugbati Red 452 grams 55.00
Alugbati Green 453 grams 55.00
Okra Local 454 grams 55.00
Okra Serrated US 375 grams 55.00
Okra Red US 375 grams 55.00
Malunggay leaves 200 grams 55.00
Saluyot 200 grams 55.00
Sitaw 400 grams 55.00
Baguio Beans 375 grams 55.00
Talong (long) 450 grams 55.00
Talong (round) 450 grams 55.00
Camote local 500 grams 55.00
Onion Leeks 200 grams 55.00
Romaine Lettuce 200 grams 55.00
Amish Lettuce 200 grams 55.00
Curly lettuce 200 grams 55.00
Mustasa 450 grams 55.00
Papaya Green 500 grams 55.00
Papaya Ripe 500 grams 55.00
Basil 50 grams 55.00
Tanglad 250 grams 55.00
Ginger 375 grams 55.00
Upo 500 grams 55.00
Ampalaya 450 grams 55.00
Chinese Kangkong 400 grams 55.00
Arugula 150 grams 55.00
Guyabano Leaves 150 grams 55.00
Guyabano Fruits 500 grams 55.00
Banana (latundan) 700 grams 55.00
White Corn 500 grams 55.00
Indian mango 750 grams 55.00
Patola 500 grams 55.00
Organ meats:
Beef liver Per kilo 330.00
Beef kidney Per kilo 320.00
 Beef heart Per kilo 320.00
Ox tongue Per kilo 570.00
Ox tail Per kilo 475.00
Beef cuts
Tenderloin Per kilo 770.00
Marrow bones Per kilo 275.00
Bulalo Bones Per kilo 220.00
Ox feet Per kilo 240.00
Beef  sinigang cut Per kilo 260.00
Ground Beef Per kilo 325.00
Ground sirloin Per kilo 425.00
Beef Ken chi (shin) Per kilo 330.00
Beef Shank Per kilo 330.00
Beef Sukiyaki Sirloin Per kilo 475.00
Beef Sirloin Whole Per kilo 470.00
Beef ribs Per kilo 265.00
Beef stew cubes (kalitiran) Per kilo 330.00
Beef brisket Per kilo 330.00
Beef Rib Eye Per kilo 565.00
Beef Striploin Steak Per kilo 520.00
Breakfast Steak Per kilo 475.00
Beef Ground Lean Per kilo 330.00
Pastured Pork
Pork chop Per kilo 290.00
Pork steak Per kilo 290.00
Pork ground lean Per kilo 290.00
Pork back ribs Per kilo 290.00
Pork  sinigang  cut Per kilo 200.00
Pork Belly Cut Per kilo 290.00
Pork Pata Per kilo 250.00
Pork Adobo Cut Per kilo 290.00
Pork Liver Per kilo 175.00
Smoked Meats/ Process Food
 Beef Jerky 150 grams sun dried 175.00
Beef Tapa 250 grams. 175.00
Beef Fresh Bacon (new) 250 grams. 175.00
Burger Patties (4 pieces) 250 grams. 175.00
Pork Bacon 250 grams. 175.00
Canadian Bacon 250 grams. 175.00
Pork Ham 250 grams. 175.00
Pork Tocino 250 grams. 175.00
Beef Fresh Salted Tapa 250 grams. 160.00
Beef Pastrami 250 grams. 200.00
Native Chicken Per kilo 340.00
Native Eggs Per pc min of 2 dozen 15.00
Pastured-Raised Duck Per kilo 320.00
Grass-Fed Lamb Meat
Lamb Racks Per kilo 950.00
Lamb Shank Per kilo 365.00
Leg of Lamb Per kilo 625.00
Lamb Shoulder Chop Per kilo 395.00
Lamb Ribs Per kilo 375.00
Lamb Loin Chops Per kilo 725.00
Lamb Kebab Cubes Per kilo 525.00
Micro Greens
Micro Arugula 35g 75.00
Micro Radish 40g 75.00
Micro Mizuna 40g 75.00
Baby Arugula 40g 100.00
Baby Vegetable
Mini crown green frelise Per kilo 240.00
Mini crown green loloroso Per kilo 225.00
Baby Carrots Per kilo 280.00
Baby Tatsoi Per kilo 320.00
Baby Mizuna Per kilo 320.00
Specialty Vegetable
Brocollini Per kilo 280.00
Wild Arugula (rocket) Per kilo 725.00
Cherry Tomato Per kilo 280.00
Kohlrabi Per kilo 280.00
Heirloom Tomatoes Per kilo 280.00
Dairy products
Fresh milk 1 liter 145.00
Kefir 2 liter 160.00
Mozarella Cheese 150 grams 90.00
Raw Cheese 151 grams 90.00
* Price good at the time of printing

Thank you for buying local, organic and ethically produced food from The VillageGreenShop,  your local food social enterprise.

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